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Episode 06: Robert Cohen – The Future of Robotics and Stryker R&D

“A robot has an accuracy and precision that we can never achieve with navigation or manual instruments. So, we’re going to continue to develop new software applications, provide surgeons more information on the patient, and that surgeon will be able to assess the patient intraoperatively. And then, with the robot, be able to execute a […]

Episode 04: Lisa Ferrara: Smart Technologies – the future of MedTech

 “We are moving at light speeds with respect to smart technologies, incorporating that, and that’s everything from smart software in feedback and telemetrics systems but, also moving towards artificial intelligence, augmented reality. All of this is starting to come to fruition within the device industry, having these smart implants, being able to use your […]

Episode 03: Glenn Stiegman: Understanding the FDA regulatory pathway

 “Do your research, understand the principles, the anatomic principles, the materials. Understand the history of that material with the FDA. Understand the regulatory pathway. Ask!” Will a pre-submission meeting with the FDA speed up or delay your 510(k) approval process? Can companies redefine how some devices are regulated? Glen shares his perspective of the […]