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For over 30 years Scott Nelson has led product development, product management, and entrepreneurial business growth as a technology and business leader. In 2015 he founded Reuleaux Technology, LLC, which advises companies and startups on strategies and new business development in IoT markets.

Recently Mr. Nelson was the Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Product at Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), a leading global provider of business and mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) products and services and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at SkyWater Technology Foundry, where he led strategy, growth, and new-offering development.

Mr. Nelson was named a Titan of Technology by the MSP Business Journal in 2015 and received an HW Sweatt award while at Honeywell. Mr. Nelson holds a Ph.D. in Applied Engineering Physics from Cornell University, a Doctorial Minor in Business Administration from Samuel Johnson School of Management at Cornell University and a B.A. degree in Physics and Mathematics from St. Olaf College.

In retrospect, what one activity have you identified in your field of expertise that didn’t work and should cease?

Specialized medical protocols and regulations for patient worn monitoring devices. Bluetooth Continua is a specific example. Another is highly regulated “clinical” sensors for parameters like pulse, heart rate, or temperature where trends and deviations are more important than accuracy for finding upcoming events. Digital Health developers should focus more on the effect they can have on patient behavior with sensors and communications vs. traditional laboratory/clinical measurement as the outcome. Real life measurement in a sustained manner is more important than diagnosis when it comes to chronic care. One 10 second blood glucose measurement diagnoses diabetes. Therapy lasts a lifetime.

And what one activity should begin immediately?
Integration and use of Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) into both therapy and clinical systems to educate patients and help them behave better. We need to help patients be accountable — tough love — and PGHD is the key.




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