“We wanted to take the forefront and become a relevant content leader and provide that creativity to our constituents … providing podcast information …. gives another opportunity …. to add value to the Medtech industry”- Jon Luedke, Avenu Podcast Host

Get to know our host of Avenu Podcast, Jon Luedke. With this podcast Jon wants to add value to the Medtech industry by providing networking, learning opportunities, insights, takeaways, and inspiration to our viewers. Avenu Podcast provides thought-provoking conversations with innovators, leaders, and pioneers in this market. He stresses the importance of a mentor to provide guidance, direction, history, knowledge, and experience.

“All individuals on there are extremely talented executives, have a wealth of information and knowledge. I want to have that trickle down and get that one salient point for our listeners so that they can … incorporate or check box into their daily lives and how they present themselves in the med tech, … learning cutting edge insights, providing takeaways, we are going to have some great networking in terms of opportunities with our listeners.”- Jon Luedke

Jon R. Luedke is a future focused leader in Medtech. Jon has led the successful commercialization and revenue generation at Zimmer Spine, Centinel Spine, Wenzel Spine and Prosidyan which exclusive rights were acquired by DePuy Synthes (Johnson & Johnson) in June, 2018. Previously, Jon was the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, of the “The Society of Nucleus Arthroplasty”, (SONA). SONA was an international society of clinical scientists and physicians interested in promoting the advancement of the art and science of Nucleus Arthroplasty. Mr. Luedke created and served as Editor-in-Chief of the published 5-part series, “Nucleus Arthroplasty Technology in Spinal Care.” Jon has been quoted in numerous national and international publications as well as being a speaker at medical conferences. Mr. Luedke is currently, President & CEO of Spineway USA, Inc., a French based publicly traded company that treats severe spinal column pathologies. Mr. Luedke earned his B.S. in Applied Physiology and Health Sciences from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.

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Today’s Podcast Topics:

  • Introduction to Avenu Podcast host Jon Luedke and his Medtech background
  • Why start Avenu Podcast?
  • What the audience can expect to gain from listening to Avenu Podcast?
  • Finally, Jon’s perspective to people who are newly entering the Medtech Industry.

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About the Host:

Jon has more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry with progressive senior level experience with both public and private medical device companies.  Prior to Spineway USA, Inc., he was EVP of Prosidyan, Inc., focused on synthetic bone graft materials for optimal healing, exclusive rights were acquired by DePuy Synthes, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies in June, 2018.  Jon has successful commercialization and revenue generation with Zimmer Spine, Centinel Spine and Wenzel Spine.  Jon received a BS from Ball State University and is an active Board Member (Advisory) at ZygoFix, Ltd.

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