Telemedicine is hot and it’s probably the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to extend medical care and get appropriate care”, Stephen Hochschuler, MD, Avenu Podcast

In this episode Dr. Hochschuler analyzes the current healthcare market and identifies that the road ahead comprises of Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Intellectual Property, Data, Regenerative Medicine and Robotics. He notes that physicians need to regain their power by staying independent and entrepreneurial. We discuss the key to lowering healthcare expenses and how to give the best care for the patient.

The only two ingredients that are the most important in healthcare are the patient number one and then the physician.”- Stephen Hochschuler, MD, Avenu Podcast

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Today’s Podcast Topics:

  • Dr. Hochschuler’s perspective on the latest in Orthopedic Innovation and Healthcare Trends
  • How a medical device manufacturer can grow with the Industry
  • Is the “The Road Ahead” Intelligent Orthopedics – combination of techniques and high-end technology?
  • What is Dr. Hochschuler’s evaluation process when presented with emerging technology for the 1st time?
  • Finally, Dr. Hochschuler’s perspective to people who are newly entering the Med Tech Industry.

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About the Host:

Jon has more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry with progressive senior level experience with both public and private medical device companies.  Prior to Spineway USA, Inc., he was EVP of Prosidyan, Inc., focused on synthetic bone graft materials for optimal healing, exclusive rights were acquired by DePuy Synthes, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies in June, 2018.  Jon has successful commercialization and revenue generation with Zimmer Spine, Centinel Spine and Wenzel Spine.  Jon received a BS from Ball State University and is an active Board Member (Advisory) at ZygoFix, Ltd.

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